Hi, remember me?

Umm... hi there. It's been a while since I have written. Is there anyone out there still?



What an interesting summer I have had thus far. It’s hard to believe it is coming to an end in just a few weeks. Though I am ready to get back to work and warping our future leaders, I will miss a great many things this summer has brought.

One of the greatest things I will miss is the fun people I had the opportunity to play with. Some whom I see from time to time during the school year and others I only see once or twice a year. I sometimes forget how blessed I am by the people around me. I like summers because each new summer brings a person or two from my past across my path. It is such a joy and adventure getting to know them all over again. I will miss the time I’ve had to visit with them.

I will miss the opportunities I have had to frolic in nature. At the beginning of the summer, I helped supervise a week-long photography and hiking camp. A teacher I worked with last school year and I drove and hiked with up to 20 middle school kids each day for a week. The teacher shared his knowledge of photography and the kids provided the entertainment. It was an unbelievable week! I was a bit sore after the week was done, but it was well worth it. Last week, we took some of the same kids up to Lookout Mountain (next to Mt. Hood). It was an amazing trip! The view was breath-taking and the kids were hilarious. I really live in a beautiful part of the country. Maybe I will share some pictures with you sometime.

Sleeping in is always a joy. Staying up late can be a blast, too. Unfortunately, work makes me a grown up and being a grown up requires me to be awake at a certain time and that makes staying up late not as much fun. Ah…being responsible…
The summer has been a good one. I soon leave on my final adventure of summer 2009. Watch out Maine, here I come! I hope you all had an incredible summer, filled with adventures, laughter, lots of love, and some peaceful, relaxful time.


Insomnia Journal

Day one of the insomnia marathon…

Why can’t I sleep? I wanna sleep! I need to sleep!

Day two of the insomnia marathon…

My brain just won’t shut off. Too many thoughts, all running around at once. Thinking about my mom and her future. Thinking about work and the great kids I work with. I wonder who won the body system debates? Bummed I missed the championship round. Thinking about what I should do for spring break and this summer? Should I make a career change? How about a hair cut? Sleep would be nice. Sleep…1 sheepy…2 sheepy…3 sheepy… 7 shee… wait…did I take my vitamin today?

Day three of the insomnia marathon…

It’s amazing how dark night is. Though I do not live in a big city, there are still many street lights. But tonight it is very dark and very quiet. The quiet seems strange. My neighbor downstairs seems to get louder after 10 pm. Very quiet. A little creepy, but what’s that? A helicopter at 2:48 am? Must be for the hospital. That’s not a good sign. I hope whomever is hurt or sick will be ok. I would love to fly in a helicopter someday, but not that one. Maybe one in Hawaii or in Iceland or over the Grand Canyon. “Just a spoonful of sugar…” Maybe I will write a few letters.

Day four of the insomnia marathon…

I think I am starting to see things that aren’t really there. There is a little red bearded, green suit wearing little man sitting in one of my living room chairs. He is whistling Jessica’s theme from ‘Man from Snowy River’. Every once in a while he stands up and does a little jig. I don’t mind the whistling but with the wooden clogs tapping as he is do a jig is just too annoying!! Seriously man…STOP IT!!!

Do I remember what sleep is like? Hmmm….

Oh no! Now the little man brought friends!!! STOP THE DANCING!!!!


A thought

There are many uses for a blog. Many of the ones I read, are those of families with children (whether they be actual children or husbands or both), people whom live many thousands of miles away, and wonderful, crazy people whom see the world in such a unique way that I love to read their thoughts. I am not, however, very good at sharing my own thoughts and junk.

Well today, I am sharing with you something I am passionate about. On Monday, March 9, at about noontime, my mother was crossing in a crosswalk and was struck by a car. She was pinned under the front end of the car and pushed several feet across the asphalt. She has relatively minor injuries considering. She has a severely bruised eye, a concussion, a broken nose, a 2-inch gash above her left eyebrow, torn ligaments in her right hand and in her shoulder, and a wicked head and neck ache. She very fortunate that she did not injury her brain or her back and that she did not die.

I found out this evening, the woman who hit her was 80 years old and was driving for a rental car company. When I talk with her on the phone, she said, “I looked for pedestrians, but I didn’t look for wheelchairs.” She was at a stoplight, looked to her right, and began to turn left on to a one-way street. She did no look left to see if there was anyone “walking” across. It took everything and beyond to keep me from expressing my true feelings to this woman. AAHGHGHHHH!!!!!

Take a deep breath….

Okay…I’m better now…




Breath…must breath… okay….that’s bett….


Okay, I am okay now. If I were in this woman’s shoes, I would be devastated. But at the same time, I would have to take a look at reality. Should I be driving in downtown Portland, without looking both ways when turning on a red light? Part of me is sad for this woman and the memory she has of this event, but a strong part of me is very angry and frustrated. I know I would feel similarly if this was a total stranger (less passionately, of course).

Being aware of the people around you is such an important thing. Whether it’s when you are driving, walking, wheeling, biking, singing, whistling, people watching, eating, puddle stomping, working, playing, or whatever else you do, begin aware of those around you can make all the difference in a person’s life. In a school setting, I have seen many kids fall through the cracks. They squeak by, but don’t get what they really need. Everyday, I see people, whom walk through life without being noticed and if they are, it’s usually too late to do anything.

I know this may sound odd, wacky, strange, or way out there, but there you have it. Don’t be afraid to open your eyes and really see what is around you. As for the 80 years old woman, I hope there is healing in her heart and her mind and that she will be okay. As for my mom, I hope for the same and for courage when she returns to PSU after spring break.



So it has been a few minutes since I have shared my thoughts with you. Everyone deserves a vacation!

There have been a few holidays that have gone by since the last we chatted. Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year, Groundhog’s, Valentines, and President’s day!! Forgive me if I forgot one.

How’s life treating you all? I am well. I have my moments; like answering the door without pants on and dropping my entire lunch in front of a room filled with 6th grades. Yes you may laugh. I certainly am and was. What can ya do?

I hope you are all well and I will try to be a bit better about writing on here. Have a great week and make sure your pants are on when you answer the door!!


The best 'Dear Santa' letter

Here is the best 'Dear Santa' letter. One of my 6th grade boys wrote. So sweet!!!

Dear Stanta Claus
No one in my homework class blevies you but I belive you are real.
The girls behind me dont belive you.
I am giving money to people who need money.
I got some good ideas for you.
Go to Mrs Claus and say something good to her like "Honey lets go see what the elvs are doing" or "I am home to see you honey."
Demond doesnt think youer real.
He thinks youer a lie but I dont think youer a lie.
I think youer real.

(Typed same as written)

Oh, so sweet!



So here I sit, waiting for anxious students and semi-happy parents, to pick up a schedule and visit teachers to hear the news. It's actually a funny job that I have. I love seeing the looks on kids faces. So funny! You know things went well when the parents come back out and they smile and crack a joke. I, unfortunately, have seen not-so-happy faces come out of the cafeteria; jaws tensed, eyes blazing, and steam flowing from the ears. Good stuff!

Well here come some more families so I guess I should get back to work. Hee heee...I think this kid is gonna be in trouble.



Hello. Remember me? I once wrote upon this blog, but got distracted by other things. I lost part of my blog and am now just getting things straighten back out. How are you? Is life treating you well? Work keeps me pretty busy and worn out. I am now working after school a few days with the Sun program. I am really enjoying the opportunity to get to know other kids at Jackson. I help with a homework club and then a open gym/ sports sort of group. The sports group has been a challenge, but I am enjoying it. It's all boys and they are so goofy!

Well I do hope you all are doing well. I will talk with you again real soon.